About Fred & Rita

About Fred & Rita

Fred and Rita are college students. Rita is kind, sensible and clever. Fred is talented, lazy and a bit crazy!

Their conversations cover a wide variety of topics. Themed language is introduced in an entertaining way. This is then recycled in the reading, writing and learning activities.

The dialogues are self contained and can be read without introduction.
Posted Phone, Hawaii & Bones are good starting points for a class - they are funny and easy to understand.

Teachers can use these dialogues for role plays and other reading & writing exercises. Ask students to create their own Fred & Rita conversations.

Each conversation covers a different topic and accompanied by learning activities. Themed language is introduced and recycled in a natural, entertaining way.

The Fred & Rita dialogues are ideal for role-plays and other reading, writing, speaking and listening activities.

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The Fred & Rita dialogues originally appeared in the Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao Daily.


The dialogues offer something for all learners. The language level is broadly intermediate, with specialised vocabulary arising from each theme. There are also activities to consolidate the new material. The Fred & Rita conversations provide excellent skills practice for First Certificate and other language examinations

The central characters are 17 but will also appeal to much younger readers.

The topics covered by the Fred & Rita conversations are suitable for younger learners. They do not contain controversial content.

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