Meet Fred & Rita

Reading, writing & listening materials for English language learners.

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Fred and Rita are college students. They argue about everything ....

The TESOL for Teens Teaching Pack includes complete Fred & Rita scripts and worksheets, plus reading, writing, speaking & listening activities for the English language classroom.

    The Fred & Rita Teaching Pack includes:

    1. Graded texts & Worksheets suitable for low-cost printing (PDFs & Doc files)
    2. Graded listening resources. (MP4 & MP3 files plus links to online resources)
    3. Teaching notes, lesson ideas, activity answers etc.
    4. Bonus texts, presentations and activities.

    How to use Fred & Rita Teaching Pack (video tutorial)

    Love your Fred & Rita conversations Jennie Cole@esolresourcesuk

    I really enjoy your reading activities, they are always a hit with my English Conversation Group
    Marie, St Gallen, Switzerland

    Brilliant work done by Kieran McGovern at @eslreading Slightly ... very envious. @sjoes

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    Some scripts first appeared in Ming Pao Daily (see here for original articles (with Chinese glossary)