Learning Activities:

Which Mobile?

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Which Mobile? Do you know the names of the different parts of a mobile phone?

Can you label the parts of the phone?

1. Print the image or draw
2. Write in these labels:
keypad* camera * battery * screen * icons

label or point to the following parts.
Conditionals: would be/could be/can be/might be
That would be good for her education
That can be very expensive.
A contract
might be cheaper.

Try this exercise:
1. Design a new mobile phone. Introduce one feature not available on most existing phones - e.g you could use it in a submarine! (pairs, small group or individual)
2. Create an advertisement for your new phone for either a magazine or the TV.
  1. Work in pairs. One person describes a mobile phone (this could be the one you designed earlier). His/her partner draws the phone.
  2. When you have finished show your drawing/phone to your partner.
  3. How close is the drawing to the original?
  4. How good was the description?
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Multi-task whole class activity (30 - 45 minutes)
Groups/pairs present their new designs to the class (2 minutes per group). You need to give information on the following:
a) general features
b) new features
c) appearance
d) market (age/income group etc.)
e)Price tariff (with contract or pay-as-you go)
f) Promotion - how do you make people aware of your new phone (e.g celebrity endorsement, special promotions etc)
g)TV/magazine/internet advert

You must also answer questions from other class members.
Try to include visual aids (drawings, visual aids etc)

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The Fred and Rita dialogues first appeared in Ming Pao Daily in 2008.

Text: © 2009 Kieran McGovernIllustrations: © 2009 George Hayford -Taylor