Rita and Fred are in a mobile phone shop. Rita is looking for a cheap and simple phone. The salesman wants to sell her a more expensive model.

Rita: I want to get my ten-year-old sister a phone. It’s her birthday on Sunday.
Salesman: What features does she need?
Rita: None really. She’ll only use it for phoning & texting her family and friends.
Salesman: What about internet access? That would be good for her education.
Rita: No, she can use the internet at home. Besides, that can be very expensive.
Salesman: Not necessarily. Our economy contract -
Rita: I’d prefer pay-as-you-go. That way we can control how much she spends.
Salesman: A contract might be cheaper.
Fred: He’s right. When I had pay-as-you-go, I spent a fortune.
: That’s because you were downloading games, Fred! My sister only needs to use the phone for calls and texts. And not too many!
Salesman: Points to a phone in the display cabinet. This model has a 8mb camera, an mp3 player and Bluetooth
Rita: No, that is too expensive! Do you have a cheaper model?
Salesman: Reluctantly he takes out a pink phone hidden under the counter. There is this model. But there's no camera or Internet. And no mp3 player. All it can do is make and receive calls.
Rita: That’s exactly what my sister needs. And she’ll love the colour. I’ll take it.


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