Camera: Activities

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Match the description with the words below. You can check some of the camera vocabulary here.
1. Another word for picture
2. The 'eye' of the camera
3. The user controls the light, speed etc
3. Opens and closes when you take a picture
4. A camera that does not use film
6. How you measure memory in a digital camera
7. What the photo is about
8. Photos of moving things
9. Photos of people
10. Photos of nature

shutter * lens * action * landscape* megapixels * image * subject * portrait * digital * manual
Create a photo-story using 10-15 images. There are many free software programmes to do this including this one

Choose from the following titles:

1. A perfect day
2. One day when I was younger.
3. Our street
4. The four seasons.
5. Diary of my cat/dog/rabbit etc
6. My diary

The story does not need a lot of action but should have a narrative. For example a A Perfect Day could start in the morning and end at night.
Digital storytelling is a great way of getting learners to use English in a natural way. You can find ten digital storytelling tools here

Encourage learners to use the photos they take to construct simple narrative. Describing photos is also a great way to use descriptive language accurately (' the foreground you can see .... the focal point is ....' etc). You can scaffold this by setting questions:

1. What can you see in the photo?

2. What time of day is it?

3. Where did you take this photo/was this photo taken?

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The Fred and Rita dialogues first appeared in Ming Pao Daily in 2008.