Speaking & Listening

Posted Phone:

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Notes for interview panel
Possible questions from the interview panel (maximum of five interviewers)
What experience does Fred have?
Why does he want to work for the post office?
Does he like getting up early?
How does he feel about dogs?

Other info
The interview panel must not directly refer to Fred posting his phone - but they can make indirect references.
You saw Fred arrive by bus.
You can only pay $10 per hour
You don't want a postman who stops to look at stamps

Notes for Fred

You need this job but you have very little experience. You don't like walking and you're a bit scared of dogs

Points to Remember

Talk about your stamp collection

Pretend you walk everywhere

You need $12 dollars per hour

Tell them you have excellent concentration - you'd never send a letter to the wrong address!
Speaking & Listening
Fred's letter is a job application for a summer job working for the post office! Imagine the post office invites Fred for an interview.

You are going to role play the interview in groups. One person is Fred while the others are the interview panel

Text: © 2012 Kieran McGovern