What Chance Twins?

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You are going to listen to short talk about the connection between morning sickness and twins. Morning sickness is a condition common in the early months of pregnancy.

Remember there are two types of twins:
identical & non identical/fraternal
Can you guess the percentage of twins amongst all births in the UK?
a) 0.5 b) 1.5 c) 2.5 d) 0.25
Now listen to this BBC discussion on the link between two experts on the BBC radio programme More or Less
Quick Check
Which of these factors increases the probability of twins 1. Morning sickness
2. Living in England
3. Being part of the Royal Family
4. Being a member of Kate's family
5. Sharing identical interests
Fred & Rita talk about twins
Read about a recent 'wrong twin' murder case Why 'identical twins genes are not identical'? How police might approach identical twin DNA problem 
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Quick Check: Answers
1. yes 2. No (or not known) 3. No (or not known)
4. Yes (members of her extended family are twins 5. No (the word 'identical' is there to confuse.

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