Double Booking

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Rita is looking for her lost diary. The phone rings - it's her cousin, Vera. Vera wants to go to the new James Bond film
Rita: I’d love to go. I don’t think I’m doing anything on Saturday night but -
Vera: Okay, it’s on at the Ocean Centre at 9.10. I’ll get the tickets. Listen, there’s someone at the door. I’ll speak to you later.
Rita: Vera, I need to check my diary -
But Vera has hung up. A moment later the phone rings again. It’s Jenny – another cousin.
Jenny: Hi Rita.
Rita: Hi Jenny. I’ve just come off the phone with Vera.
Jenny: I’m avoiding her at the moment.
Rita: Why?
Jenny: I can’t invite her to my party because her old boyfriend will be there.
Rita: It’s Saturday week, isn’t it?
Jenny: No, this Saturday. You’re coming aren’t you?
Rita realises she has double booked - but she can’t tell Jenny!
Rita: Of course. I’m looking forward to it.
Jenny: Great. See you at nine on Saturday
The phone rings again. It’s Rita’s mother.
Rita: Mum, I've got a big problem.
Mother: What is it, Darling?
Rita: Explains about the double-booking. If I don’t go to the party, Jenny will be upset. But I don’t go to the cinema, Vera will be upset.
Mother: Don’t worry, Rita – Granny has solved your problem.
Rita: How?
Mother: She’s arranged a surprise party for Granddad's birthday on Saturday night.
Rita: Smiles to herself And I have to go?
Mother: Of course. Jenny and Vera, too.
Rita breathes a sigh of relief.


First conditional
If I don’t go to the party, Jenny will be upset.

If I
don’t go to the cinema, Vera will be upset.

Try this exercise:

1. Design invitation cards for your (imaginary) birthday party. It starts at eight and you have to finish at midnight. You don't want presents but they can bring something to eat or drink.

Choose a fancy dress theme - e.g A Roman Party

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