Fred and Rita are in a camera shop. Fred is looking for a new camera. There are two small problems. He doesn't know anything about cameras. And doesn't have any money!

Salesman: Our new Bridge model is perfect for you! It offers professional features for the amateur photographer.
Salesman hands the camera to Fred. It has many mysterious buttons
Fred: It looks okay.
Salesman:You also enter a prize draw. You can win a weekend in New York.
Fred: Great! I’ll have it
Rita: (loud whisper) Aren’t you going to test it first?
Fred: (shrugs his shoulders) I don’t know anything about cameras. It looks good - that’s the most important thing.
Rita: No, it’s not! And this one is expensive, Fred. Are you sure you want to pay that much?
Salesman: There are cheaper models.
Fred: Do they get you into the prize draw, too?
Salesman: No, only this one.
Fred: I’ll take it then!
Rita: To the salesman. Excuse me a moment. She pulls Fred aside What are you doing, Fred? You can't buy an expensive camera just to enter a prize draw!
Fred: Why not?
Rita: Because it's crazy! What are your chances of winning?
Fred: Better than if I'm not in the draw. And I’ve always wanted to go to New York. To the salesman Can you keep this for me until Friday?
Rita: To Fred How are you going to pay for this. I thought you didn’t have any money!
Fred: I don’t. Not until Friday.
Rita: What’s happening Friday?
Fred: I’ve entered another prize draw. If I win that, I can buy this camera.

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